Women Dare

Supporting the first steps of future entrepreneurs

The Women Dare programs are open to all women who want to launch their own entrepreneurial project and receive support at every stage of the process.

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The Women Dare programs are open to all women who want to launch their own entrepreneurial project and receive support at every stage of the process.

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of women have already considered entrepreneurship

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of women say they lack confidence in their ability to develop their entrepreneurial projects

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more likely to pass the 5-year mark with support.

Who is the programme aimed at ?

The Women Dare programmes are open to all women who want to be helped to launch their project, whatever the sector and whatever their age or qualifications.


Wanting to become an entrepreneur


Wanting to join a community of women entrepreneurs


Not having launch their company yet

Women Dare, what is it ?



Group workshops to help you formalize your project, learn about the key concepts of entrepreneurship and develop your entrepreneurial attitude.



Individual sessions with experts and coaches to advise you on specific aspects of your project.



Immersive days to boost your project and your entrepreneurial posture through practical exercises and exchanges between female entrepreneurs.

As well as joining a support programme, Women Dare project leaders also benefit from networking sessions and inspiring conferences to connect and create opportunities through our self-help communities.

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Getting started with Women Dare

Thanks to our partners, the Women Dare programme is developing and adapting to the needs of future female entrepreneurs in several countries.

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They followed the program

"A program to consolidate your project and learn from the best, but also meet some fantastic female entrepreneurs".
Alix and her partner Chloé co-founded Omnia Culture, the very first recruitment and job placement agency specializing in the culture, communication and media sectors.
Alix Martet (France)
"I was having trouble structuring my ideas and didn't know where to start. This program was a great help."
Laetitia is a young entrepreneur working in the events industry. Her plan is to set up a business organizing events such as weddings, christenings, birthdays and concerts. This program enabled her to take a step forward by organizing a brunch and a wedding as her first successful activities.
Laetitia Assouan (Côte d'Ivoire)
"The program allowed me to discover a community of women entrepreneurs, a great team, top speakers and a place where you're always welcome."
Rokia is working on a project to create a fun mobile application to combat food waste, so that we can take care of our health and the planet.
Rokia Kebe (France)
"Thanks to the training courses, I've been able to discover and acquire the keys to managing my business, while at the same time enabling me to envisage the development of my business.
Odile runs a beauty salon. She is considering training in the treatment of skin problems from the hypodermis to the epidermis. She wants to add to her range of services : beauty care training, treatment adapted to each skin type, repair of skin damaged by depigmentation and relaxation massages.
Odile Akre (Côte d'Ivoire)
"This program has enabled me to develop my business."
Pauline is developing a project to market local rice. For her, local rice contains all the elements needed for consumption, and should be promoted. Its ambition is to produce the rice itself, then market it to satisfy a greater number of consumers of local rice in Daloa and throughout Côte d'Ivoire.
Pauline Houe Azigbo (Côte d'Ivoire)
"Joining Women Dare helps me structure my project, while exchanging ideas and meeting other project leaders enriches my thinking."
Oumou has a project to create a 2.0 tailoring service to facilitate access to traditional outfits made close to home, drawing on both digital technology and the know-how of the artisan tailors she wishes to promote.
Oumou Diallo (France)
"The W.Dare training courses enabled me to acquire certain entrepreneurial skills and to discover hidden abilities within myself."
Emmanuelle is planning to open a socio-aesthetic institute capable of taking care of people who are different and/or excluded (people with mental or psychological failings) from the classic beauty care system.
Laurie Emmanuelle Massengo (Côte d'Ivoire)
"Thanks to my participation in the W.Dare training courses, I've been able to understand what's at stake if you want to succeed in entrepreneurship. Today I have a clear idea of the direction my project should take. Thanks to the support of my trainer Patricia, I'm now aware of the opportunities I can get with this project."
Soraya plans to open a boutique selling luxury, quality handmade jewelry, with African touches but accessible to the middle class. To offer a jewelry selection consulting service focused on the quality of the material.
Soraya Dieng (Côte d'Ivoire)
"I appreciate the course for its methodology. The subjects of entrepreneurship, accounting and finance are covered in simple terms. The trainer has created a motivating atmosphere and work rhythm."
Clarisse wants to create a 24/7 crèche, where parents can entrust their children with complete peace of mind, and where children can be kept busy and learn to grow up among their peers.
Clarisse Akouvi Fiodedji (Côte d'Ivoire)