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Empow’Her works on reducing inequalities in the entrepreneurship field that prevent women to carry out successful projects.
We rally ourselves directly with the female entrepreneurs and we implement actions to transform this industry by staking on collaboration and awareness.

Signature programs

The signature programs are training programs for entrepreneurship that are designed and hosted by Empow’Her to respond to what women entrepreneurs need at different entrepreneurial levels, fields, and maturities. These programs are sponsored and financed by both public and private endorsers to Empow’Her.

Adhoc projects

We design and carry out projects that contribute to the economic empowerment of women, through entrepreneurship in different countries and in different contexts. These projects are the outcome of collaborations that have been built case by case between Empow’Her and various stakeholders that are either local or international.

Empow'Her communities

The Empow’Her communities gather women entrepreneurs in the same city or locality that are looking for a caring and inclusive network. We offer training programs, co-development tools, communication tools but also co-working spaces that give the possibility for women to integrate and develop within their community.


We organize events that facilitate the emergence of new narratives to raise awareness to the general public on the subjects that we are passionate about and to create meet-ups and networking for women entrepreneurs. Events organized by Empow’Her are open to everyone and are free.

Consulting activities

Simultaneously with our activities with women entrepreneurs, Empow’Her also supports other organizations that want to engage in strategies and actions that are in favor of women empowerment. We also offer internal training programs, and strategic support but also to carry out projects with various organizations such as incubators, NGOs, foundations and CSR departments, sourcing, or even institutions.

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Who do we work with?

Women entrepreneurs

The women entrepreneurs are our main beneficiary public, we support women that are at different stages of entrepreneurship, different countries but also evolving in different economic fields.

The general public

We aim also to the general public principally through events organized by Empow’Her or with the dissemination of campaigns.

We also rely on the commitment of volunteers to support our beneficiaries but also help us through specific events.


Other organizations

Our activities are possible thanks to the financial and strategic support of our private partners that are both private and public.

We collaborate equally with different structures to accompany their projects and strategies or to simply imagine operational partnerships.

Focus on our work with women entrepreneurs

Supporting female entrepreneurs doesn’t rely on only one program or one training tool. We commit to supporting EVERY woman through any problem that she may have as an entrepreneur. To achieve this, we mobilize different learning approaches and support tools to maximize our impact.


Technical training

Training sessions on problematics such as the creation and management of companies (Business plan, marketing, and financial management…)


Support for ideation/structuration

Support with boot camps that allow ideas to emerge, and entrepreneurial projects to structure themselves



Implementation of mentoring relations between women entrepreneurs to facilitate experience sharing.



Short individualized support sessions about the problematics of the entrepreneur.


Personal growth

Training sessions about socio-emotional skills of each entrepreneur



Implementation of mutual aid groups between different entrepreneurs