We believe that entrepreneurship is a strong driver for women’s empowerment and for the creation of a better world. Since 2011 we have been a part of women entrepreneurs journey towards success. Our work would not have been possible without our committed partners, contributors and supporters.

We work with partners in many ways, to create a more sustainable world and future for women entrepreneurs. Our partners take part in different ways and help us sustain as well as develop our impact and work worldwide.


WWe are always looking to improve and there is always more we can do. We are always in need for new skills and are always open to learn more. Help us thrive and join our adventure with your expertise and knowledge, by helping us pro-bono in specific areas and fields.


Help us thrive, develop our operations and strengthen our impact. We know how to run our operations and have a great vision for women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship. Join us by financing opportunities for women all over the world.


Co-create a project or a mission together with us. Let’s join forces and create a program where both our expertise will help create a better and more sustainable future for women entrepreneurs. Take part in our journey by co-creating an adventure with us.

Would you like to know more about our work, our impact and how to collaborate with us?
Contact Hannah Pettersson or Soazig Barthélemy here.

Our partners, that help us thrive and change the world, every day.