_ Young Ambassadors for Equality: ready, set, go!

Last night, we launched the 2017 edition of our “Young Ambassadors for Equality” program. This awareness program spread over 12 months will consist in training 30 people aged 18 to 30 year old so they can raise awareness on gender equality among their peers.

But… what’s the Young Ambassador program? The idea came from several observations:

  • Young people are not heard or called upon enough when it comes to gender equality. Things are slowly evolving, but there are still too few initiatives.
  • It is crucial to give young people keys to understand inequality and to make sure they can make their voices heard about it.
  • We need a framework where young people can take action and discuss together freely.
  • We need to allow youths to create their own solutions fore equality.
  • Equality is everyone’s matter and everyone should participate, whatever their age, gender or origins.


Here, at Empow’her, we believe that the new generation will be the next champion for equality and we truly want to commit to a positive and lively awareness-raising work made BY and FOR young people. Last night, all these people  gathered in this room showed that a project like ours is needed.

We would like to thank Marine Himbert from DRFE who has been giving great support to our actions for over a year now.



Comedian and Youtuber Swann Périssé made us the honor of being there last night. She took part in women-empowering initiative #EllesFontYoutube (#GirlsMakeYoutube) launched by Google. She made a speech where she talked about being a women comedian, and reminded us that it’s important never to self-censor in the creation process.


Cartoonist Thomas Mathieu was also with us. He founded Projet Crocodile, where he draws harassment situations in comic strips where men are anthropomorphized into crocodiles. He spoke about his artistic work around this project and explained that he discovered feminism by watching Sofie Peeters’ documentary on street harassment.


Many thanks to everyone who was there with us and the ones that could not make it but still share our values: Mathieu Lassablière from Unis-Cité, Sophie Michon from Companieros, Maud Prétot from 100 000 entrepreneurs, Luc Ménager from Apprentis d’Auteuil and the list goes on…

We would also like to give a special thank to our YA in which we strongly believe. Through this program, they will make their voices heard and push the fight for equality a bit further.

And now, time for action ! From next week, our YA will get ready for the 8th of March, and during the whole year they will spread their message for equality.


Discover more pictures from the evening HERE.


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