_ [ON THE FIELD] A busy start of the year for our volunteers in Peru

The year is getting off to a busy start for our volunteers in Peru! In the first weeks, they have met with a group of about 15 representatives of Ichoca, a municipality adjacent to Marachanca, in order to share a breakfast and discuss a possible extension of the program.  As other neighbouring municipalities, Ichoca has been deserted by young people, but the older generations are interested by agroecological practices, deeming them as a healthier kind of production. THey’re also hopeful that it can valorize their work and make younger generations interested in returning to the land.

11 January – The volunteers present Empow’Her to Ichoca representatives 

Simultaneously, the program is moving forward. Last week, our volunteers have organized a group training on financial management. It gave them the opportunity to convey basic notions of accounting but also to highlight how important account monitoring is. The message is clear: a farm is a company like any other and farmers are entrepreneurs like any other!

13 January – Training with the farmers in Marachanca on basic financial accounting

Émilie and Cécilia are always ready to lend a hand, and they proved it again this weekend by working in the garden. Ana and Beto, the farm coupel we’re supporting, are so happy with their organic garden that they wanted to expand their business with another one! With the volunteers’ help, at the end of the day, the new garden was almost ready: the land has been ploughed, and some vegetables have already been planted.

22 January – Empow’Her volunteers and volunteers from “El Champal” restaurant helping Ana and Beto build their second organic garden 


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