Promoting women’s access to new economic opportunities is key to fight against the many inequalities faced by women, including access to employment, income and control over economic resources in general.

At Empow’Her we believe that entrepreneurship is a strong enabler to fight poverty and to promote inclusive growth for all. And we are also convinced that entrepreneurship is a powerful vector for empowerment, enabling women to decide their own futures, and forging connections to boost local communities.

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At Empow’Her, we know from experience that there is no one single type of female entrepreneurship. This is why we aim to offer flexible and tailored support, adapted to each woman’s individual entrepreneurial needs, in order to give them the best chance of achieving their ambition.

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Our approach ensures that the women we support become active in the learning process. Rather than imposing a specific programme on them, we offer a choice of training according to their own identified needs and interests, and to contribute financially to that training.

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Our support targets women entrepreneurs and not businesses. In this way, our programs aim to both strengthen women’s entrepreneurial skills, as well as their leadership abilities.