_ [MARCH 8th – MYANMAR] If I were president…

During our training with women entrepreneurs in Myanmar on March 8th, we asked them what they would do for gender equality if they were president. Their ideas are very inspiring!

Ni Ni Tun (55 years old) – Empow’Her beneficiary since August 2016:

“If I were president, I would strengthen women’s role in our society and I would find solutions for women to get a better access to knowledge and to the job market, so they can feel equal to men. Namely, I would abolish the obligation to have your profession written on women’s IDs. Here in Myanmar, married women are described as “dependent” on their ID, as if they could not have professional activities once they are married. It’s such a discriminatory practice!”


Khaw Zi ( 54 years old) –Empow’Her beneficiary since August 2016:

“If I were president, I would let women express themselves and make their voices heard, I would explain to them that they have many opportunities to discover and they shouldn’t simply stick to domestic duties. I would enable them to get a better access to education so they can also educate future generations to equality, and I would increase the number of women leaders in Myanmar.”


Yin Yin Kaing (43 years old) –Empow’Her beneficiary since August 2016:

“If I were president, I would focus on developing new economic opportunities for women, particularly in rural and isolated areas. I would also teach them how to assert their rights and stop living in fear.”


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