_What's EYE ?

The Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program is a european program which connects newly established entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurs to be) with long established entrepreneurs across Europe through a 2 to 6 months exchange.


In 2020, Empow’her became Intermediary Organization  as part of a consortium with 9 other european structures.

Together, they pursue the common goal : 

To promote women social entrepreneurship in Europe !

_ For who ?

This program connects New Entrepreneurs (NE) with Host Entrepreneurs (HE) through a 2 to 6 months exchange in Europe. 



New Entrepreneurs are either newly established or entrepreneurs to be. To be eligible, the applicant should have launched its project for less than 3 years and have at least elaborated an extensive and coherent business plan. 



Host Entrepreneurs are experienced european entrepreneurs willing to share their knowledge and learnings about this journey. The applicant should be ready to spend some time on helping the New Entrepreneur develop its own project. 


_4 entrepreneurs supported by Empow'Her

Estelle (NE) ,Benjamin (NE) and Thomas (NE) : Three young entrepreneurs integrated three structure of experimented entrepreneurs in Belgium, Germany and Austria !
In France, Anne (HE) currently welcomes a New Entrepreneur from Lithuania !


Empow’Her was in charge of evaluating the applications and supporting the entrepreneurs throughout the process: from the time the application has been approved until the end of the exchange. 

Our expertise on social entrepreneurship and gender inequalities in the sector will allow us to best support women entrepreneurs over the course of the program.


An initiative of the european Union